Identifying the traumatic split between cognition (vijjñāna) and gnosis (jñāna) as the original condition that is holonically instantiated by its many emanations (like that of mind/body, substance/process, theory/practice, man/woman, capital/labor, culture/nature, human/non-human, etc.), Kazi’s research program aims to develop a deep understanding of the unilateral force of the original condition relative to its emanations, as well as their mutual interrelations, in order to assist in the extra-theoretical program of healing from this trauma through the individual and collective disclosure of embodied gnosis as the common, primordial heritage of all beings. Kazi graduated with a BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA), majoring in Interdisciplinary Sculpture with a focus on computer modeling, 3D scanning, and digital fabrication, and minoring in Humanities studies, where she developed the beginnings of her open-ended research program based on a creative synthesis of Whiteheadian process thought, critical Marxian political economy, Madhyamaka negative dialectic, Buddhist soteriology, and eco-feminism. Kazi currently works as a scanning specialist and digital artist, typically working with museums and cultural institutions in the preservation and digitization of historical artifacts, assisting artists in the design and creation of their novel works, and providing scanned asset-creation services for VFX studios. As part of her independent practice, she is working on building up a virtual botanical library consisting of 3D scans of various flora and fungi. - Blog: - YouTube: