## Anthropology at the Intersection of Worlds Of what relevance is anthropology, and what must it become at this moment, at the intersection of worlds? At the ends of one and the beginning of the Human? The reading group is ongoing, and meets every Wednesday, at 11am EST (GMT-5). [[Oscillations#Contact | Contact]] us if you’re interested in joining. We use Roam Research as a collaborative thinking environment to expose these materials to de- and re-composition, with the aim of producing and curating different kinds of thought-spaces. Possible Readings: Roy Wagner, François Laruelle, Patrice Maniglier, Anne-Françoise Schmid, Davi Kopenawa, Alain Badiou, Marilyn Strathern, Edward Butler, Donna Haraway, Eduardo Viveiros de Castro, Gerardo-Reichel Dolmatoff, Denise Ferreira da Silva, Plato, Proclus, Hesiod, Jadran Mimica, Bernard Narokobi, the Huainanzi, Laozi, The Pyramid Texts, the Watunna, the Popul Vuh, Roger Penrose, Richard Feynman, Isabelle Stengers, Lynn Margulis, E.P Odum, Rachel Carson, James Lovelock, Lukáš Likavčan ### Schedule #### 2021-11-03 - Kopenawa, Davi & Bruce Albert 2013. *The Falling Sky: Words of a Yanomami Shaman*. Selections: “The Animal Ancestors” and “The Spirit of the Forest” - Wagner, Roy. 1977. “Scientific and Indigenous Papuan Conceptualization of the Innate: A Semiotic Critique of the Ecological Perspective” - Maniglier, Patrice. 2016. “Anthropological Meditations: The Discourse on Comparative Method” #### 2021-11-10 - Viveiros de Castro, Eduardo. 2015. *The Relative Native Essays on Indigenous Conceptual Worlds*. Selection: “Along the Spider's Thread: Virtuality, Actualization, and the Kinship Process in Amazonia” - Viveiros de Castro, Eduardo. 2012. “Radical Dualism” - Wagner, Roy. 1991. “The Fractal Person” - Crook, Tony. 1999. “Growing Knowledge in Bolivip, Papua New Guinea” #### 2021-11-17 - Goldman, Irving. 2004. *Cubeo Religious Thought: Metaphysics of a Northwest Amazonian People*. Selection: “Process in Creation” - Lenton, Tim & Andrew Watson. 2011. *Revolutions that made the Earth*. Selection: “Playing Gaia” - Penrose, Roger. 2012. “The Basic Ideas of Conformal Cyclic Cosmology” #### 2021-11-24 - *Introduction to Comparative Planetology*, by Lukás Likavcan - *Laudato Si*, by Pope Francis - “Extending the Domain of Freedom, or Why Gaia is so Hard to Understand,” by Latour and Lenton #### 2021-12-01 - “The Galactic Polity in Southeast Asia,” by Stanley J. Tambiah - “Bhakti and Henadology,” by Edward Butler - *Cubeo Religious Thought: Metaphysics of a Northwest Amazonian People* (p. 345-357), by Irving Goldman #### 2021-12-08 - *In the Last Humanity: The New Ecological Science* (“Introduction”), by François Laruelle - *Christo-Fiction: The Ruins of Athens and Jerusalem* (“Introduction”), by François Laruelle - “Non-Theurgy: Iamblichus and Laruelle,” by Stanimir Panayatov. #### 2021-12-15 - “Is there a field for philosophy,” by Anne-Françoise Schmid - “Figure-ground reversal among the Barok,” by Roy Wagner - Selections from the *Greek Magical Papyri* #### 2021-12-22 - “An Outside View of Ourselves as a Toy Model AGI,” by Reza Negarestani - “From Earth-Systems Science to the Sky-Earth System,” by Adam Louis-Klein - *Recursivity and Contingency* (Chapter 1), by Yuk Hui #### 2022-01-05 - “Platforming & Perspectivism,” by Zé Antonio R. Magalhães - “For a Strategic Primitivism,” a dialogue between Yuk Hui & Viveiros de Castro - *Inquiry into Modes of Existence* (Chapter 8), by Bruno Latour - *Anthropology of the Subject* (Chapter 14), by Roy Wagner